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Baldness Camouflage


How DermMatch works...

Hair thickeners... DermMatch colors your scalp to match your hair color. It also coats and thickens thin hairs, making them stand up and spread out for maximum fullness. No product in the world can make your hair look this thick and full. DermMatch works instantly for any skin color, hair color or hair type...

Safe for hair growth
... DermMatch is loaded with emollients and botanicals. Emollients are moisturizers that soften and protect your skin. Botanicals are natural ingredients derived directly from plants.

DermMatch contains only safe colorants and no hair dye. The topical formula will never interfere with your hair's growth and you can use DermMatch with Rogaine, Propecia or transplanted hair. Read more about hair loss.

Easy application... Just rub it on. DermMatch is applied with a damp applicator to color the area quickly and evenly. Brush it through to coat thin hairs with thickening agents. Let it dry. Give a good thorough brushing and watch your hair puff up thick and full. You get step by step instructions and free replacement applicators whenever you need them.
Natural hairline... The EZ Grip, EZ Reach applicators give you precise control. If you're thin along the front hairline, apply the color back behind the hairline and use a dry applicator to fade the color forward. This gives you a perfect, natural hairline. Dry application can also give you the "5 o'clock shadow" look for super-short hair, beards and bald areas.


MANE Hair Thickening Spray is the perfect answer to quickly conceal many forms of hair loss – by eliminating the contrast between your hair and scalp, you will immediately have the appearance of a fuller head of hair.

Suitable for men and women, this convenient aerosol spray, available in a variety of colours to match your own hair colouring, can be applied simply in a matter of seconds, to give fine, or thinning hair, a thicker, fuller, natural appearance, and to provide camouflage to small bald spots.
Applied to dry hair and scalp,
MANE covers, or masks, a broad area, and builds-up the appearance of fullness throughout. Following application, you can style your hair any way you like, and because it can only be removed when you shampoo your hair, you can follow your normal daily activity with absolute confidence.
It holds-out well to moderate perspiration, and inclement weather conditions, such as rain and wind, and you can continue to participate in all sporting activities, but care has to be taken whilst swimming.

MANE can be used for frontal, temporal, patchy, and/or crown hair loss, resulting from any of the following hair conditions:

  • fine and/or thinning hair, due to early hereditary patterned hair loss
  • general thinning hair, following pregnancy, illness, or the menopause
  • small areas of hair loss, or bald spots, due to advanced hereditary patterned hair loss
  • isolated bald spots, known as Alopecia Areata
  • immediately following a Hair Restoration procedure, to help conceal signs of surgery

After applying
MANE, it is advisable to seal the ‘thickened’ area with a lighthold hair spray.

(MANE is safe to use with hair loss treatments, such as topically-applied MINOXIDIL; although the most popular colours are Black/Dark Brown/Medium Brown/Light Brown, other shades are available – please enquire for details).

Nanogen Fibres

Instead of simply colouring the thinning scalp area,
NANOGEN Hair Thickening Fibres combine to not only eliminate balding scalp showing through thinning hair, but also to add weight to the hair, so that it moves naturally.
When these microscopic keratin fibres are sprinkled on, thousands of charged microfibres are distributed onto your thinning areas. All the fibres are electrostatically attracted to the protein in your own hair, causing them to merge, or bind, with your existing hair all the way along the hair shaft, creating a perfectly natural blend, undetectable to the naked eye.

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