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Combination & Complementary


Combination & Complementary

Applying a combination of different remedies to solve the problem.

There is no one hair loss cure, or hair restoration technique that is effective, or in fact suitable, for everybody all the time, and that a combination of surgical, and non-surgical remedies, which complement each other, and which are designed to suit each individual's circumstances and hair recovery aspirations, is likely to provide the best results. As each case should be considered on individual merit, the actual results obtained can vary considerably, and will depend upon a number of factors, not least of which will be the extent of the candidate’s hair already lost, the continuing pattern of loss, size of bald area, the extent, type, and availability of hair retained, scalp flexibility, and the amount of hair restoration desired.

Although the oral, and topical therapies can be extremely useful in their own right, Minoxidil, particularly the 5% formula, can be a beneficial adjunctive treatment to Proscar, to produce the strongest and most effective combination remedy for male pattern baldness at the present time. By using the current treatments available to you, the chances of losing your hair have been reduced considerably. Even if these medical solutions do not meet your hair re-growth expectations, or fail to solve your hair recovery aspirations, they should instill greater confidence, at least, to enable you to pursue the alternative of hair restoration surgery, to create a fuller head of hair, knowing that your hair loss has been contained.

Any failings in long-established hair transplantation work can be corrected simply, either as a ‘stand alone' procedure, or as an adjunctive, or complementary treatment, whilst having additional ‘new’ MicroGrafting.

In overcoming hair loss, and restoring hair growth to balding areas, the best results come from using an oral and/or topical hair loss medication, combined with hair restoration surgery. To attain the appearance of having an even fuller head of hair, it would be advisable to consider a regular regime of shampoos and/or selected thickeners.

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