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The financial implications of solving your hair recovery aspirations

Hair Restoration Surgery

Surgery from

Oral Agents

(Proscar/MSD) (5mg) 14 Tablets from 64.95 for 2 months. ------- 115.00 for 4 months

An economical alternative way to use
FINASTERIDE as 1mg dose, is to take it as PROSCAR/MSD (5mg), and to halve the tablets, which are then taken on alternate days.

Topical Medications
MINOXIDIL 5% (inc. Progesterone) Solution from 64.95 for 2 months ------ 115.00 for 4 months
MINOXIDIL 4% (inc. Progesterone) Solution from 54.95 for 2 months ------ 95.00 for 4 months

Oral Agents / Topical Medications (Combination)

The combined use of
FINASTERIDE tablets with MINODOXIL, provides the most potent treatment currently available to combat hair loss and to procure hair growth.

By choosing one of each in your selection, a 10% discount is given on the combined price.

Baldness Camouflage & Hair Thickening Products

MANE (200ml)
16.95 per can. (Delivery on this item. 1.50 for up to 3 cans)

Prices include postage and packing where applicable. To place an order please telephone
01539 720965

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