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The Solution


The Solution

Cosmetic surgery or treatment is not now just confined to women, as an increasing number of men are turning to youth-enhancing procedures to boost their self-esteem. Most men have been conditioned not to look at themselves, but now is the time to look at your hair, face, body, hands and feet, in the search for physical enhancement. If youíve ever looked in the mirror and thought how good you could look, given the will, the money, and a skilled surgeon or practitioner, we can recommend ideal surgical, and non-surgical clinical solutions should they be required; itís time to be bold in order to be more beautiful, or better looking - read on, to find out more about the procedure or treatment of interest to you!

Just because youíre going bald, or losing your hair, doesnít mean you have to stay that way. In order to maintain your confidence in looking good, and to fight-off the evil onslaught of baldness, or hair loss, there are a number of treatments, or methods of correction available to overcome it; the purpose is to "improve" one's appearance as much as may be possible - they can do no more. Most people understand the limitations, and view the potential benefits realistically.

You can prevent, or delay the onset of baldness, or arrest further hair loss, by using proven hair loss inhibitors, or anti-baldness treatments; in fact some treatments reverse the process and will induce new hair growth. Also, through minor surgical procedures, restoration of hair can be guaranteed.

The desire for hair restoration, however, is often misinterpreted as a sign of vanity, but really the person is usually only anxious to be returned to an appearance consistent with his, or her age.There are in fact three distinct forms of treatment effective in dealing with patterned hair loss; additionally, artificial hair replacement, in the form of wigs, hairpieces and hair weaving, synthetic hair implantation, baldness camouflage, and hair thickening shampoo products, can come under consideration if other treatments have proved ineffective or inappropriate.

Your options are as follows:

  • Hair Restoration Surgery

To re-distribute your own hair more effectively in order to restore hair growth once again from balding, or thinning areas. More info...

  • Oral Agents

To inhibit hair damaging hormone circulation and to increase hair growth. More info...

  • Topical Medications

To retard the progresssion of hair loss, and to induce hair regrowth. More info...

  • Vitamin & Mineral Supplements

To replace ingredients vital for healthy hairgrowth.. More info.....

  • Hair Replacement Systems

To substitute artificially for the non-availability of your own hair. More info...

  • Baldness Camouflage& Hair Thickening Products

To instantly eliminate the appearance of baldness, or thinning hair, and to help thicken hair, and nourish hair follicles. More info...

The current state-of-the-art is that there is no one hair loss cure that is effective for everybody all the time, and that a combination of surgical and non-surgical remedies, perhaps supported by hair products, is likely to provide the best results.

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