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Vitamin & Mineral Supplements



Viviscal is a natural hair loss treatment that has been specifically designed to promote and stimulate hair growth in males and females.If the hair follicles receive the necessary stimulus and nutrients from the body, hair loss can be stabilised and existing hair growth can be strengthened.


Nourkrin is a natural food supplement which contains a protein of marine extracts, including the cartilage of deep sea fish, with other minerals and vitamins. The key ingredient is the marine cartillage, which contains glucosamine, a naturally occurring supplement which stimulates hair growth.


FloriseneŽ has been formulated to provide certain essential nutrients to help maximise hair growth in women. Research has shown that a section of the female population; particularly between the ages of 18-50 have increased hair shedding (chronic telogen effluvium) and that there is a strong correlation between this hair loss and low iron stores (measured as serum ferritin).

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