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The Problem

Understanding the causes of hair loss and dealing with this unsatisfactory situation

The Solution

Hair is one of the most vital aspects of looking good and is a wonderful substance which influences our lives in many ways, as our lifestyle also, can influence our hair in many ways. Hair makes a statement about who we are, and is one of the first things we notice about another person, making judgements perhaps by their hair, much more than we realise. There is therefore, probably nothing that causes more concern over personal appearance than losing hair; it is absolutely certain that in our lives we will lose hair and that it makes you look older faster.

Thinning hair, and baldness affects men, and women, both young and old, right across the social spectrum. In men, what may begin as a few hairs coming out in their late teens, or early 20’s, can become a rapid erosion of the frontal hairline, or ‘crown area’ by the mid 30’s - normally the balding process will continue intermittently, and relentlessly, and indeed the majority of the hair can gradually disappear over a period of 30/40 years. Women, on the other hand, although increasingly prone to thinning hair in their early years, are most likely to be affected post-menopause by a gradual onset of diffuse thinning ,predominantly affecting the front, and over the top of the head.

There are many factors which can have a detrimental affect on your hair and scalp, so it is not surprising that almost everyone has at least one problem, and multiple problems are common.
The main causes of hair loss are:

  • Inheritance/Genetically – Influenced Condition
  • Sensitivity to Circulating Androgens (making hair loss even more severe and rapid)

Our lifestyles and general health also have a direct affect on our hair – it is very much interrelated to the functioning of the entire human organism, body, mind and emotions. Whatever adversely affects your nervous, or circulatory systems will, in the long term, be to the detriment of your hair; thus other factors which can affect your hair are:

  • Nutritional Deficiency
  • Stress
  • Trauma
  • Illness & Disease
  • Certain Medications/Drugs
  • Pregnancy & Contraception
  • Scalp Problems (such as Dandruff)
  • Hair Abuse

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