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Topical Medications


Topical Medications

To retard the progression of hair loss, and to induce hair regrowth.
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Minoxidil is a medically-proven topical treatment which helps to stop, or significantly retard the progression of hereditary, or genetic, hair loss in men and women, and through its additional hair growth promotion properties, can stimulate, or induce regrowth of hair.

Conceived as an oral vasodilator for use in patients with high blood pressure, Minoxidil was found to have the side-effect of inducing hair growth. The effect of Minoxidil as a solution, topically applied on balding, or thinning scalps, leads to the dilation of blood vessels, increasing blood flow, and thus improving circulation and nutrition to hair follicles; this in turn leads to a decrease in hair loss being experienced, and a stimulation in hair growth.

Acting in isolation, or even in combination with genetic hair loss, the presence of excess testosterone can have a degenerative or weakening effect on hair, preventing it from growing as well as it should, and thus contributing to general thinning. A useful additive to Minoxidil solution therefore, is Progesterone, acting as a blocking mechanism, to combat these detrimental hormonal effects on healthy hair.In treating patients, the aim is to achieve a cosmetically-acceptable degree of hair re-growth, and this should result in 30%of subjects. The degree of response is variable and, as a whole, the amount of hair re-growth can be modest. Prophylactic use of Minoxidil (to limit the rate of hair loss, leading to its cessation) may be equally as important as its use in promoting hair re-growth, especially for individuals at high risk of male or female pattern baldness.

Minoxidil 2% formula is recommended for those with general thinning over a short duration, or in the early stages of hair loss. Although moderate hair re-growth has been noted at all strength levels, it is more marked with higher strength solutions, such as 4%, but particularly 5%, which is recommended for those whose hair has been thinning for at least five years, and who seek earlier and/or a greater degree of hair re-growth.

Although an initial twelve months of intensive application should highlight user benefits, continuous use of the treatment is necessary to retain ‘new’ hair growth,also to maintain the momentum of any improving situation, and to prevent further hair loss returning. A reduction in dosage to a basic maintenance level should eventually be expected; it must be borne in mind that recovery from baldness, or hair thinning, may take as long as the time it takes for it to develop.

Things you need to know

  • The mechanism by which the process of hair regeneration works, through taking Minoxidil is slow. Patients should normally notice a reduction in, and a stabilisation of, hair loss within 3 to 6 months. The greater development for hair re-growth is between 6 to 12 months, with further improvement, for those who respond well to the treatment, attainable thereafter towards a more cosmetically - acceptable appearance.

  • Continuous use of Minoxidil treatment is necessary to sustain benefit, but it is possible that regular intensive use of the treatment can be reduced to a basic maintenance level in due course, in order to maintain the status, or position you have reached.

  • As with all drugs, and prescription medications, side effects are possible, but in case of taking Minoxidil, the potential is extremely small, and these would be fully explained to you before commencing treatment.

  • The dosage, or administration of Minoxidil is normally daily, but can be less frequent.

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